Infertility Acupuncture

Dr. Varner specializes in Acupuncture treatments for Infertility and becoming pregnant.  He has developed an entire program that directly follows the most up to date research.  The current research shows that acupuncture treatments when in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments and medical intervention like IUIs and IVFs significantly increases the odds of becoming pregnant.  He has had great success over the past 5 years with many women becoming pregnant.  He has also had many success stories with women who would like to begin with acupuncture before adding more invasive medical treatments like IUIs and IVFs. 

Dr. Varner offers a FREE consultation to discuss his program and your medical history so that a customized treatment plan can be generated.  This treatment plan is always focused on one goal, for you to be able to hold a little one in your arms.  This truly is a passion for Dr. Varner and he looks forward to helping you in your journey.  Call our front desk at 1-(320)-252-3711 to schedule your FREE consultation.

Dr. Varner and Dr. Oltmanns are both certified in acupuncture.

What To Expect At Your FREE Consultation

  • There will be some paperwork to fill out when you get to our clinic to give a medical history
  • Our friendly staff will bring you back to a treatment room
  • Dr. Varner will come in and introduce himself to you.
  • At this point he will discuss your medical history and ask a few questions so that he can fully understand where you are in your journey to becoming pregnant as every person has a unique situation.
  • He will discuss his program with you and inform you of what treatments consist of
  • There is no pressure in starting the treatments but if you decide to begin you will schedule at our front desk after your consult
    • *Note: First treatment will follow you ovulation schedule around the 15th day of your cycle. 
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